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Raising the Bar

We developed a new web platform for the Bar Council with greater functionality that incorporated their systems.

Our clients are finalists for 2 AAE website awards

The team at Pixl8 are more than delighted that not one but two of their association clients are finalists for the AAE’s Association Awards 2020 - with the new DFK and Twins Trust websites.

Pixl8's top 10 tips for 2021

At Pixl8, our eclectic team covers a wide range of specialisms. Drawing from this pool of expertise, we have put our heads together to come up with our top 10 things to consider in 2021.

Innovation in action

For the Federation of Small Businesses Awards

Putting CRM under the microscope

Delivering detail-rich CRM integration with our ReadyMembership platform to enable personalised event bookings and content.

Read our Membership Forecast

We’re pleased to be able to share with you what membership professionals are telling us and our own response to these insights.

Create a Community

Want to create an online community? Look no further: we can integrate Groups into your site. Features include options for discussions, special interest groups, and member lists.

Deliver impactful online events

Want more control over your online events? Zoom for eventfolio is the swift solution for delivering online events with maximum impact.

Ready Membership

Are you a membership organisation looking to boost member numbers and engagement digitally? ReadyMembership is the feature-rich solution designed to enable year-round connectivity and enhanced UX.



How do you compare?

Thanks to all the wonderful contributions from across the membership sector we have been able to pull together our Membership Forecast 2020

Download your copy to discover trends on some of our favourite topics; from personalisation to conversion and measuring success.

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