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from mesh to the simulation and system performances computation

From Mesh to Simulation & System Performances Computation

The dimensioning phase remains an essential step in the design of the electromagnetic device. This step can be reached with many approaches: > Analytical method > Numerical method: among these methods is the finite element method (FEM). The principle…

demagnetization Flux software

Permanent Magnets Effects on the Electric Machines

New energy concepts are required for the future of our industrial society. In this context, the materials are constantly changing and their industrial…


Integrating Acoustics into the Design of Motion Systems

“The motors in a motion system will often squeal, squawk or hiss” says George Bennett in Designing Quiet Motion Systems, and for most of us, “quiet…


Electrical Machines, Noise, Vibration & Auditory Sensation

Since the creation of the first electrical machine, the terms of use of electrical machines have evolved. Thus, the design and optimization of the electrical machines need to take into account several phenomena: electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and vibro-acoustic.…


The Invisible Force of Induction

There’s something fascinating in the transmission of energy without contact. Whether it is a vehicle being charged contactless, or a sauce pan being heated through a glass, my little daughter sees it as a mystery. Today, the finite element simulation software…