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How to Design Efficiently a Power Transformer?

Simon Guicheteau on March 3, 2015 - 8:15 am in Uncategorized
 Flux features numerous tools allowing the design and the analysis of transformers and inductances.

3D control transformer case of no-heap and short out test

These days control transformers need to advance their effectiveness to ensure a base measure of misfortunes is created from the different physical marvels.

Limited Element considers enable the transformer planners to dissect precisely the distinctive misfortunes (Joule misfortunes, press misfortunes, stray misfortunes) to upgrade the exhibitions of their transformers. A couple of relentless state and transient tests grants portraying the power transformer and deciding the electrical and mechanical imperatives that it should persist in its life.

All these different assets of Finite Element design of Power Transformers will be described and illustrated in this article:

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Power Transformer tank

Eddy currents in the tank of a transformer with shunts

Transformer tank

Temperature in the tank of a transformer with shunts


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