Web development

Giving you the future-proof digital foundations necessary to deliver on digital goals in the long-run

Robust technical foundations underpin every great website. At Pixl8, our web development team specialise in building tailored digital solutions for our partners in the membership, association, charity and commercial sectors.

From custom websites, to self-service membership portals or bespoke software - all of our solutions are built to be flexible, scalable and successfully integrated with our client’s existing CRMs, ESPs and beyond. 

Over the last fifteen years, we've worked to refine our industry-leading web development platform Preside. It offers the speed and flexibility required to develop robust, future-proof digital solutions that can be built upon in the future. Both loved and trusted by our clients, many of them have told us that Preside gives them the confidence to execute their digital plans, now and in the future, with confidence.  

“Working with Pixl8 on the implementation of the new GCF members’ portal has been a very positive experience. They understand the needs of a membership organisation. Pixl8 have been very responsive, developing new bespoke functionality as required, in a continually changing environment.”

Graham Rose, Global Certification Forum

A complete web development service

We offer a complete web development service via our leading web development platform Preside. Our open-source platform runs on Java (JVM) and allows for:

  • Rapid and agile web development

  • Seamless web, CRM, email system integration

  • Bespoke platform and software development

  • Fully customisable CMS  

  • Multilingual and multi-site content sites

  • Upgrade-friendly site build


An established library of custom browser based software 

Over the last fifteen years, we have established a comprehensive and flexible library of custom browser based software for websites and intranets. This allows us to develop digital solutions that are tailored to our clients specific digital goals, in a short time frame and on budget. Some of our custom software includes:

  • Custom Data Platforms (CPD)

  • Video and Document portals

  • Learning management platforms

  • Training and assessment systems

  • Community portals

  • Online registration systems

  • Critical alerts messaging systems

  • Event management and booking

  • Asset & Document management systems

  • Integrated websites with CMS & CRM

  • Membership self-service portals

  • Sharepoint integrated Intranets


Seamless system integration

When it comes to delivering a personalised digital experience for your members, customers or supporters, seamless system integration is key. Our web development platform Preside enables us to develop websites that are fully integrated with CRM, ESP, and payment systems. Access to real-time customer data has helped our clients make swift business decisions and deliver highly personalised marketing and membership experiences.