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Steady State AC Magnetic Coupled with Transient Thermal

Rosica Yordanova on March 31, 2015 - 3:34 pm in Academics, Heat Treatment, Knowledge, Multiphysics Simulation, Thermal Simulation
Steady state AC magnetic coupled with transient thermal: a new dynamic with Flux

Displaying of the magnetic flux isolines superimposed with the resulting temperature map

Learn how to cook an Easter egg in a pan with an inductive stove!

Heat generation is often a consequence of current flow in a device, and designers often have to take the phenomenon into account. The complex nature of this operating principle requires a multiphysics approach when it comes to modeling. The application of relentless state AC attractive combined with transient warm utilized as a part of Flux® software enables clients to play out this sort of demonstrating. Two sorts of determination are coupled to decide the subsequent attractive working point: consistent state AC attractive determination and transient warm determination. Thermal analysis has always been a key capability of Flux®.  To show the working standard of the birthplace of the warmth source we consider a skillet of water we need to bubble with a specific end goal to cook.

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